Get Your Groove on Workshop – 29th September 2019

For all abilities, no dance experience necessary. Great singing teamed with simple steps. Based on feedback from the survey last year, some of our members wanted a chance to put some moves with their singing.  Although we won’t be introducing dance steps to our usual classes this is a chance to have a little boogie whilst singing some great tunes.  This is not just about singing with choreography but a chance to learn performance skills using your facial expressions and body! All useful skills in any choir.  

People are often terrified of the thought of singing or dancing on their own and think that being part of a choir in some way hides them! Nothing could be further from the truth! Every single person who stands in a choir is not only seen as part of the group but also as an individual. 

We  will be working  on upping your confidence as a performer to allow you to shine on stage, really embrace your performance and stand out from the crowd in a good way! We’ll look at mastering simple movements and will also explore the idea of presence and making an impact from the moment you walk on stage to the moment the lights fall. 

It might feel like a brave step for some of you but you are in safe hands. 

Minimum number required to go head. Juniors age 10 plus also welcome to take part. £20 adults £10 juniors.  

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